Faculty and LEARNING

Across the school educators are grouped according to Faculties that work across curricula and integrate their teaching learning process. The team of dynamic, highly committed teachers is dedicated to maximising student potential. 

The principal aim of the Languages Faculty is to fully develop the students' ability to understand, enjoy and use language through speaking, listening, reading, writing and the explicit study of language skills. Children learn and understand the features and purposes of literary and non-literary writing, including media and moving image texts, and oral communication. Through a range of differentiated learning and teaching strategies they are enabled to make progress at a suitable pace. We believe passionately in enhancing student learning through extra-curricular activities. Authors, poets and dramatists are invited to visit Step by Step School to conduct talks and workshops. Other activities include theatre trips, literacy and journalism clubs, elocution, debates and class plays.

A study of the Humanities aims to better prepare students for the economic, political, social and environmental challenges of our world. The Humanities Faculty at Step by Step School prides itself on its innovative and dynamic curriculum which is delivered by passionate and informed educators. We aim to develop students that can explore, understand and evaluate the social, political, economic and environmental dimensions of the world, and formulate and justify arguments in response to a diverse range of issues.

In the Mathematics faculty we help students develop confidence in the use of mathematical concepts and skills, which will enable them to cope with the practical, mathematical demands of everyday life. We aim to project mathematics as a positive and enjoyable experience as well as an important part of the curriculum. Students learn to work in a systematic way, both independently and within groups, using imagination, initiative and flexibility of mind. 

The Faculty is committed to satisfying children’s great curiosity about the world in which they live. Science at the Step by Step School offers the opportunity to be curious, to question, to investigate, to formulate hypotheses, design and carry out experiments, make observations and record results. CBSE Science is  abstraction and quantitative reasoning occupy a central place in the teaching learning process.