Class rooms

Classrooms across the school are designed as airy and colourful spaces that encourage children to enjoy their learning. Visual display of children’s work is prominent, and children’s art work has pride of place across the school. Primary and Junior classes are a generous in size and can comfortably house a number of learning and play areas such as class libraries, toys, art and clay stations.

Classrooms they are the backbone of any school infrastructure. There should not only be adequate number of classrooms for students, butClassroom furniture is a physical point of contact between the student and the school. We offer many choices, so your classroom furniture sends the right

Each and every classroom should be well-lit in all corners and ventilated enough to be comfortable even during power failures. Seats and tables should be ergonomically designed and provide comfort to the students. There should be enough desk storage space, in addition to built-in cupboards for keeping school material, apparatus etc.