About US...

Our School was established in 1989, under the aegis of Late Shri B. Bhasker Rao, our founder, by incorporating Hiranmayi Educational Society. Over these past thrity years, it flourished under the able supervision of our Honorable Secretary and Correspondent Shri D Vinod Rao. He'has shaped it into a reputed institution -without caring for name or fame but with 'service' as the motto. Initially, the school was functioning in three rented buildings. Later on, in the year 1999, we moved into our own building with full-fledged facilities like computer lab, library, science lab, maths lab and language lab. Our hostel, the English Home, became a home away from home for the boarders. Since its inception, our school has been rendering yeoman service to the people of Karimnagar, fully catering to their needs. We are immensely proud of the progress achieved so far and of the high standards we have set for ourselves-like,' ecuring cent percent results in CBSE Board Examinations.

In the past twenty years, the school has grown by leaps and bounds, pursuing the cause of education. The dedication, commitment, sincerity and hard work displayed by the staff has gone a long way in making this institution what it is today i.e., one of the best schools in Karimnagar.

Education is considered, morally if not legally, a fundamental right of every individual. That being so, most of one's education and learning takes place in the early years of one's life.

It has been 20 years since English 'Union School opened its doors to students appears beyond the reality it is. When we founded the school in 1989, the desire was to come up with an offering that meets the long felt need of parents for a quality institution. 'During the course of this journey of 20 years, we have overcome several obstacles in our effort to create sound infrastructure for the school. The goal was to provide the best possible education to students while at the same time maintaining an affordable fee structure. in this we have succeeded to a large extent-own building with spacious class rooms has been built, a team of competent teachers has been recruited, a mechanism for attending to the needs of slow learners has been set up.

'The qualities of integrity, morality, sinceri y and hardwork, if imbibed in childhood, go a long way in shaping a bright future for the individual. But education, in the present hyper-competitive world, has become a matter of marks and certificates. 'The educational institutions are also partly to be blamed for this trend. Astead offocusing on the all-round development of the student, marks and ranks are given overdue importance, thereby creating a rat-race kind of situation. This puts enormous pressure on young children and leads to their dislikeness of studies and learning.

English Union School can hold its head high. Since its inception 30 years ago, the emphasis has always been co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, in addition to studies. We have always stressed on the importance of a well-rounded personality. Many of our past students have achieved high positions in the most challenging environments